Metal cutting

Almost the most important detail in metalworking and building construction is metal cutting.
One of the most important features in steel cutting is the quality, precision, and, of course, speed of metal cutting.
All Metal constructions offer its services in cutting steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and other metals.

All metal constructions copmanyn, using German, Italian and Chinese machine tools, is able to ensure quality, accuracy, and speed in accordance with customer requirements.

The company uses the following metal-cutting methods:
1. Guillotine — very suitable for cutting rectangular or square sheets up to 4 mm thick. Provides ideal cutting quality and speed.
2. Waterjet system — very suitable for the preparation of parts of machine tools and assembly lines.
It stands out with maximum precision of cutting.
3. Plasma cutting — suitable for cutting decorative elements and details of metal constructions. It stands out for its cutting speed and affordability.