Production of metal constructions

Metal constructions

Metal constructions are products made exclusively on the basis of metal, which serves as a mold for the final product.

The primary metal materials used for the production of metal constructions are bars, double bars, channels, angles, pipes, rods, and various profiles.


The basic types of metal constructions are:

1. Bearing or functional constructions. The main role of this type of metal construction is to bear the weight of the mold being built. These constructions include towers, bridges, storage, production areas, solar panel molds, etc.

2. Decorative constructions. This type of metal construction mainly covers unwanted areas, provides security, or has an aesthetic role. Railings, balustrades, and other interior or exterior metal details can be included among such constructions.

According to the assembly method, metal constructions are divided into three types: welded constructions, assembled constructions, and mixed constructions.

All metal constructions manufacture all the types mentioned above of constructions using high-quality materials.

When assembling welded constructions, All Metal constructions company uses the following types of welding: electro welding, CO welding, argon welding, and in the case of prefabricated constructions, it uses rivets, mannequins, and other materials of strength corresponding to the constructions.