Production of metal railings

Railings are structures of stairs, stairwells, or balconies, the main role of which is the safety of people.

Usually, there is a handrail at the top of the railing, the height of which is usually 900-1000 mm from the ground, and for fire or evacuation ladder railings – up to 1200 mm.

All metal constructions offers a wide range of metal railings according to customer preferences in terms of design, color, and source material.

Ferrous metal, aluminum, and stainless steel are used to manufacture railings.

Thanks to the powder coating, steel railings last long enough and do not rust over time.

Outdoor metal railings are mostly made of stainless steel to avoid rust problems.

Aluminum railings have a pleasant appearance.

Perhaps the most important detail in the manufacture of handrails is the fastening of handrails, which is a guarantee of safety and durability. In all metal structures, only high-quality materials, raw materials, fasteners, and paints are used in accordance with international standards for the manufacture and fastening of railings.

Railings are an irreplaceable decorative and protective detail of stairs and balconies. In addition to being durable and reliable, the right handrail can be a design element. All Metal Constructions offers metal, aluminum, and stainless steel railings in every type and color.

With more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of railings, we produce railings of any complexity and quantity.